Welcome. Its great to have you here. It’s no coincidence. So lets see if mama’s mentor can be of any help to you.

I want to empower you so you can acquire the skills, education and resources necessary to build a business that creates an income and lifestyle through which you can fulfil your dreams.


My motto is ‘there’s always a way forward’.


For new clients I have 2 different mentoring streams depending on what stage your business is at:

‘Create Your Brand’  

For new start ups needing help to transition your hobby or concept to an operating business


‘Boost Business’

For existing businesses wanting to improve business performance and outcomes- i.e. profitability, sales, flexibility, planning, operations etc

After 6-12 months being on either of the programs above:

I recommend clients transition to my ‘Stay on Track’ program

‘Stay on Track’

Specifically for business mentoring that offers continued support to our existing clients


beachI want you to be HAPPY in life and in business

I want you to get in control of your finances & income

I want your vision to become my vision

I want to share the wins with you

I want to teach you about business management principles

I want to check in with you to help you stay on track

I want you to partner with me for as long as it feels right- no commitment necessary

I want to be hands on helping you with your business