About Me

me face picFirstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Christine Theophilos. Business mentor with a passion to enrich people to create happy, thriving workplaces.

Mum to 2, I understand the busy world of juggling motherhood with a desire to do something for myself so that it can create an income and lifestyle that will fulfil my dreams in life beyond raising a family. I don’t get it right every day.

So I truly get how you can feel day to day with so much going on!

A bit about me and what brought me here to you


I grew up around my dad’s business. He ran it for over 30 years and he was extremely passionate about what he did and that passion enabled the great success he achieved. As he said to me as a child. it was all he ever wanted to do and he never got the chance to live out his dream until the opportunity presented itself during his late 20s.

A man who raised two girls on his own from when I was 2 as well as running his own business so we could get by. He tried his hardest like all parents do, to make the best possible life for us. .

My independence, resilience and can-do attitude stems from many of my childhood experiences.


Running his business was understandably on my dad’s mind a lot. We used to talk regularly when I was younger about how he ran his business. I remember as a kid reading aloud his business documents with him so I could get some reading practice and also understand more about his work.

These early impressions on me on how to run a business, as well as now having worked the last 16 years either on other peoples’ businesses and from having set up and run my own businesses, it has taught me a lot about what it truly takes to get yourself out there to create success. My dad was my mentor through life and in business.

It seems, my passion for business has naturally stemmed from the support and mentoring I received from him over the years.


Working alone is different to working for someone else in a team environment. You are the one that needs to work out all the answers. The buck stops with you for everything. You wear all the hats.  That has its ups and downs for sure. Like you I am going through the same thing and can share in your experiences.

I want to help others in the community get on the right path. I have spent years helping and working hard on other peoples’ businesses, making them many, many tens of millions of dollars in profit and doing really well at it.

If ultimately you want a business to become the best version of itself, then I believe there are worthy people in the community that need my help to create happy, thriving workplaces.

Thanks for taking the time to hear my story.

If you have any questions feel free to give me a buzz

+61 0419 522 944

If now is not the right time to connect, that’s ok. I wish you all the very best in your endeavours.

Best wishes with all you do.

Christine Theophilos

Managing Director & Founder

Christine’s qualifications

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA) (major: sustainability management)

  • Graduate Certificate in Commerce

  • Advanced Diploma in Ilustrative Photography (Fine Art Major)

  • Completion of New Enterprise Innovation Scheme (NEIS)- Australian Government funded

  • Diploma of Business Management (major: HR)

  • Certificate 4 in Small Business Management

  • Certificate 4 in Professional Writing and Editing

  • Certificate 2 in Retail Operations[whohit]aboutme[/whohit]